Quality Assurance

We are a trusted quality assurance service provider for many industry verticals. Our QA experts have experience with all types of testing and are ready to become a high-grade part of your business teams to help achieve best results. A continuous increase in our software testing expertise, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, ensures that our test team will meet all your business needs.

What We Offer

We can work with you to ensure that your functional testing requirements are met whether they come in documented form, user stories or undefined demands.

Agility: For many years we have been working in Agile environment where no requirements are written in stone. We are flexible in choosing the right methodology and tools to satisfy customer needs.

True Partnership: We truly believe that our customers success is our success. We keep this in mind when building partnership relations with our customers.

Over the past 18 years we have performed countless functional testing service projects for numerous clients. With such wide experience and focused approach, our teams would most definitely have encountered and found solutions to most conceivable software quality problems.

We possess testing experience in various domains such as Banking, Telecommunications, Industrial IoT, Automotive, FinTech and others. The expertise gained throughout various projects allows us to work out the right strategy and involve the required talent to successfully accomplish the project.

Competence: It is impossible to know everything, but our teams competence gained throughout the completed and ongoing projects allows us to keep pace with the most up-to-date QA standards.

Fast, secure, high quality products

Identify your product requirements specification

Consider all requirements for performing tests and applying tools
Rely on QA talents and managers with qualified skills
Choose optimal tools and methodologies to meet your needs
Develop test specifications and a test plan, which may include both automated and manual testing procedures
Coordinate test cases and details to execute tests
Create a report on bugs identified in defect tracking system
Provide daily feedback on progress and adhere to project timelines
Perform regression and acceptance tests after all defects are fixed on your side
Develop test cases and customised frameworks if necessary


Large coverage


Cost effective

Human approach

Data security

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a vital aspect of the QA process across all industry verticals. In some cases, like graphical user interface testing, a manual approach may show better results than automated testing. When talking about tests involving complex functionality and features being continuously developed, manual testing may be the only way to provide guaranteed results.

Our experts have decades of experience in manual testing. We apply verified practices and rigorous methodologies to detect all critical defects in your software. All of this, combined with our exploratory techniques and intuition, serves one purpose: to ensure that your customers and end users have a solution that runs properly.

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Automated Testing

Effective use of automated tools in software testing can significantly reduce costs, decrease time to market, and consolidate resources. With thirty years of experience in all types of quality assurance, we offer the entire cycle of automated testing services – from planning tests to final product release and approval. We can help automate all your manual testing methods like functional testing, user interface testing, service layer testing, web testing etc. We have built test automation frameworks that will help customisability and reusability of testing tools.


Time Efficiency

Improved test coverage

Increased productivity and efficiency of QA resources

Accuracy and Reliability

Less human errors

Quality Metrics