Work hard,
party harder

42Square is driven by people, not process. There are no leashes at 42Square. We work on flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority. Our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. We believe innovation and creativity happen when people have autonomy. We hire people who love the craft and have a tremendous passion for what they are doing. We bring in people who can teach us something. When people who love what they do have freedom and autonomy, magic happens.

But 42Square is not just about work. We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can come together and have a great time. We make sure that we celebrate each and every tiny moment of happiness, be it a birthday party or a product milestone achievement. We work hard and party harder.


“Hire great people and give them freedom to be awesome.”

Andrew Mason


No bosses, No managers, No hierarchy; just some highly skilled people collaborating and producing high quality products.


Osmosis is the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge though collaboration, pair programming, and working as a team. The idea is you learn things you never thought you would, via working with others. And you learn it fast by doing, not by watching video or reading a tutorial.

Power To You

When we hire the best people who can think and act autonomously, hierarchy is obsolete. People at 42Square can use power and authority as they need to improve the system. But this comes with a lot of responsibilities, it is their job to keep the system moving. If one fumble, the whole system suffers. Whatever you do, do it in the best interest of 42Square.


No timings, No micromanagement; You decide what is the best time for you, be it midnight or early morning. No one cares about how much or how hard you work, only thing that matters is the quality of your work, meeting the deadlines and becoming available when your team needs you. There is no compromise on the quality of the products we are building.


Always be at a state of great activity. Act fast, fail fast, work on feedbacks. You do the things other people won't do, and you do them with a sense of joy and purpose because you love it. Don't settle for mediocrity.

Celebrations & Parties

We love to work hard but when it comes to celebrations and parties, we are on another level.