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42Square is a creation space where we help our partners to build amazing products. We help companies to break the escape velocity of their ideas using latest technologies and cost-effective scalable solutions.

It is difficult to point out the pivoting moment that led to the creation of 42Square. The company was founded on 2019 but we believe it had begun much before that in our minds. It was never one idea, It was never one man or one woman. It was a series of ideas, series of flows, series of events that led to one after the other to form 42Square. The only driving factor on 42square is our never ending quest to innovate and learn, and we strongly believe thats what makes us what we are today.


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We have helped our partners to build several prestigious products ranging from simple content management systems to full-blown smart city projects with IoT and micro-services architecture.

Project Management
We have worked in projects ranging from Battle Field development to fine grained enterprise level Safe Agile Systems. We value the client expectation, budget, and time. Based on our assesment and client interactions, we choose a project management workflow, that could suit the project requirements, budjet, expectations, team size and team experience.
Product Design (Web & Mobile)
We have experience in creating high fidelity prototypes & designs, formulating Design Systems, and responsive conversion to mobile and web platforms. We use Figma / Sketch for designing the high fidelity screens for the different platforms (Mobile, Web, Wearable) with varying screens for different screen resolutions and orientations.
Software Development
Software development is not only about programming. When the time factor comes into picture, it means adopting good architectural patterns, adopting code maintenance patterns and much more. 42Square does not hesitate to jump into the modern shiny developemnt platforms and at the same time we follow the best engineering practices for code maintainability.
Quality Assurance
We have the capability to do both manual and automated testing on Web, Mobile, Wearable, and IoT applications. The new domain that we have ventured into is the QA in the field of signal processing & Radar technologies.
Infrastructure Management
We have come a long way from manually managing the infrastructure requirements of application(s). AWS CDK provides opportunity to define the infrastructure requirements using familiar programming languages such as Typescript or Python.

Our Offerings

Our engineering team can provide end to end solutions for all your technology related business problems. We can work as a dedicated team where we take care of the entire technical operations of your business or as an extended team of your in-house tech team.

End-to-End Product Development

Dedicated Team

Rapid Prototyping

Greenfield & Brownfield Projects

Extended Team

Software Architecture Consultations

One stop shop for all your technology needs

42Square is an offshore software development company specializing in software engineering and digital product development. Our team with extensive experience working on different domains, can help you to develop and deploy your products in a scalable and efficient way.

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Domains we serve

We partner with our clients to provide them high quality solutions for their business problems. We hand hold our clients from identifying best solutions till deployment and maintenance of the product to help them gain competitive advantage.

Smart City
Community Engagement Platforms, IOT device (3D cameras, Bluetooth Beacons, Weather Sensors) based data collection and dissemination for local communicates and governments
Clinical (Provider), Payer (Insurance), Intermediary and Population Health Solutions
Aggregator platforms, B2B and B2C ecommerce stores, Social ecommerce, Reservation and Bookings Platforms, Order live tracking
Social Media
Micro social networks for specific domains with unique engagement features
IoT Solutions
Counting cameras, Beacons, BLE, Weather Sensors
Locations & Proximity Solutions
Live tracking, Geofencing, Location triggers, Background location services.