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A mindboggling list of things you should know before embarkking your 42Square journey.

Don't Panic
Poke The Box
Purple Cow

We want everyone who interacts with 42Square to have an awesome experience that they will never forget. It does not matter who you are, a client, an employee or a hitchhiker, we want you to take back something from us or at least have a great time when you are here. While the entire website is mind-bogglingly technical, we have tried to add some fun all over the place.

Though this website is intended to showcase our expertise and abilities, we thought we will take advantage of it to express some of the utopian concepts and ideas we think about at 42Square. This is meant only for fun and for wasting your time for which we do not want to apologize. This page is not vetted by any content writers, so we have the freedom to write whatever we want.

How it started!

42Square was founded in 2019, by a team of friends who got bored and desperate by the regular service company mindset where people do politics and gossiping more than working on awesome challenges. We wanted to work on creative problems which challenge us and push us to step up our game. When the normal services sector failed to satisfy our hunger and curiosity, we started thinking about starting something of our own. Our idea was to start working on a product idea which we were grooming for few years but as someone wise said luck favoured the bravest. We got a connect from a health care firm in the U.S, who were in desperate need of technical help. They were running out of time and expertise to tackle the issues they had. This was a perfect opportunity for us because ditching our high paying jobs to work on product without any revenue was a risk. We knew that an opportunity like this will give us a good starting point and enough firepower to target our dreams. We entered the scene and solved their issues much before their deadline. The agreement with them was just for 3 months but the trust and expertise we showed made them so happy that, we were pulled in for another 9 months to work on some of the core features of their solutions.

How it's going!!

Fastforward to now, 42Square has became a global player in sofware engineering services with clients from U.S, Europe, Middle East and India. We are now 25+ people with more than 12 years of experience on average. We have our dream products under development which will soon hit the market. We are proud and humbled by how things have turned out paving way for us to grow. We have made a strong foundation which will help us grow above and beyond. We are becoming a tech powerhouse playing globally, engineering top notch solutions for our clients and partners. We have an awesome team with high technical capabilities and experience. Hiring is something we give an extra care. We know how important people are and how important it is for our customers. We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can come together and have a great time. We make sure that we celebrate each and every tiny moment of happiness, be it a birthday party or a product milestone achievement.

Guide for hitchhikers, clients and employees

Random things we think you should know about us.

Don't Panic

Things might look complicated from the outside but when you are inside and when you get a hang of things happening around you, you will understand the fact that things are insanely complicated.
Our advice is to go have a pizza/beer with us and you will be just fine.

Brag Worthy

We want us and our clients to be purple cows - no offense. Purple cow is a concept by Seth Godin. It talks about being so remarkable that people cannot help but talk about you. Thought experiment: You’re driving along the road with some friends and you see a cow out in the fields. You see another cow, and another and pretty soon you lose interest as you pass by more and more cows. All of a sudden though, you see a purple cow and you and your friends stop to take pictures and to let others know that you saw a purple cow. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s worth talking about.

Embrace failures

It is okay to fail. It is not okay to fail without trying. Make sure you fail fast to keep the impact minimal. Be brutally honest and don’t be ashamed or afraid of asking help. Work on feedbacks

Own your shit

Sleep if you are feeling sleepy. Take a day off if you are sick. Do work from home if you want to be with your family. Your mental and physical well-being is as important as your work.


Always be at a state of great activity. Act fast, fail fast, work on feedbacks. You do the things other people wont do, and you do them with a sense of joy and purpose because you love it. Dont settle for mediocrity.

Know about surviving in FLAT-LAND

When you hire the best people who can think and act autonomously, hierarchy is obsolete. That's why there are no CEO/Managers at 42Square. Everyone has equal say in everything. You can use power and authority as you need to improve the system. But this comes with a lot of responsibilities, it is your job to keep the system moving. If you fumble, the whole system suffers.

Poke the box

You know, programming or even computers are all about inputs and outputs. You give an input by pressing a key or using your voice, the computer or the program, evaluates the input and provides an output. If you do not give any input, the system will be idle, or of no use. 42Square is a box of that sort. It needs inputs for operating at optimal level. If you are a client of 42Square you have to poke the box. You have to supply it with your requirements, your problems and your dreams to operate effectively because you are the only one who know what you want. All others are either facilitators or extensions of your dreams. We love to work with people who question us, challenge us, and wants to see the best out of us. Keep poking the box.

Play positive sum games

We urge everyone to avoid status games at all costs in or outside 42Square. For you to win a status game, someone has to lose. We do not want anyone to lose. We strongly believe as a team we can do much more than focusing on individuals. That is one of the most important reason why we avoided heirarchy in 42Square.

Story behind the name

42Square is heavily inspired from our love for space and also for the book Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, a book which have fans from small kids to Elon musk. It talks about everything that is humanly possible to talk about and beyond. The name 42square has two parts, 42 and square. While 42 represents the vision, square represents the mission of the company. 42 is what we do and square is how we do it.


42 is not just any number. It is one of the most discussed number in the world. It all started with the radio show/book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. In the fictional series, many million years ago, a group of hyper-intelligent pan dimensional beings got fed up with the question of meaning of life, universe and everything. So they created a super computer ‘Deep Thought’ to answer the question. It took 7.5 million years for DeepThought to find the answer. DeepThought proclaims that the number 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. The book became a best seller and it was read by millions. If you check the internet you can see very serious discussions and debates about why Adams chose the number 42 for his book. Although its fiction (Adams later confessed that it was all a joke and he chose the number randomly) there are other theories and researches which talks about the significance of the number 42. The number has continued to appear in history, science, and pop culture after this and became one of the most interesting numbers ever.

42 has great significance in mathematics too. 42 is a pronic number and an abundant number; its prime factorization 2 · 3 · 7 makes it the second sphenic number. It is the third primary pseudoperfect number and the list goes on.


Every big city in the world has a place which is named as square. Times Square, St. Peters Square, St. Marks Square to name a few. City squares are regarded as major landmarks in all world cities as they particularly hold a strong history, an imposing architecture and/or an entertaining scene. It serves as a social and commercial meeting place for people to gather around to share information and knowledge, buy or sell things or to be entertained. Basically square is the most happening space in a city.

So what happens when we combine 42 and square? 42 stands for answer to all questions and square stands for a place where people gather around. 42square is a place where people come to get their questions answered. It is place where information and knowledge is shared and processed. 42square’s vision is to help people find answers. To do that, it is essential to have a common place, a playground, a square - virtual or physical to share knowledge, address problems and create solutions. 42square empowers people to find answers you seek through technology and innovation. 42square stands for people coming together, sharing knowledge to find answers which help them to lead a meaningful life. Hypothetically whenever and wherever people discuss ideas, address problems and create solutions, they are in 42square.