One Extension for all

Extensions or browser plugins are tools we add to our browser to make our life easier. This works as a meta layer on top of websites giving us additional abilities to work with. But building an extension can be overwhelming at times. It is different than building a normal web app, meaning, we have to take care of the overhead on the browser since your extension will be run along with the website people are visiting.

At 42Square, we have the expertise to build cross-platform extension which work across multiple browsers like chrome, firefox and even safari for mac.


Supercharge your browsing experience

The hurdles of developing extensions are much more when compared to normal web development. Each browser has its own unique set of features and characteristics. We have to keep in mind that the extension window is a small area with limited options for user experience. It is very important that we help the user to easily get his work done by simplifying the experience when using an extension. During the development it is important to develop modules which can be reused across different browsers without compromising features or performance. We take leverage of latest technologies like – ReactJS, Angular, REST APIs and GRAPGQL to build excellent browser extensions for our clients.

Light Weight
Cross-browser compatible
UX Focused