Headless CMS & Headless Ecommerce

As digital platforms are evolving, content arrangement, display, and layout need to be flexible across different ecosystems such as websites, mobile sites, apps, kiosks, and conversational interfaces. Headless stack of technologies provide the means to arrange the content flexibly. They store and prepare the content without presentational layer concerns (and hence the term headless).

With offerings like NextJS Ecommerce and Shopify Headless, creative control of presentation is available in ecommerce space. Ultra modern ecommerce experience is now possible by combining the building blocks like Commerce Primitives and Commerce Capabilities.

Headless Ecommerce



What We Offer

CMS development and integration using Contentful's Domain and Content models. Content relationship creation using Links. Images optimization and Rich Text management. Page centric approach to content creation and editing using the new Compose app. Contentful integration with static site generators and NextJS & NuxtJS.

Sanity integration with frontend platforms using Sanity Studio and Content Lake (structured content). Editorial collaboration experience and change reviews management. Sanity images pipeline and transformations integration.

Editor experience modeling using PrismicIO. Integration with backend and frontend frameworks including NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Gatsby, VueJS, and NuxtJS. Prismic RESTful API and GraphQL integration.