Lightning fast solutions for your business usecases

42Square Accelerators

Our mission at 42Square is to help businessess to launch their products with minimum effort and cost, but with maximum speed. Accelerators are highly customizable solutions we have build to make the development lightning fast helping us to ship products in short span with reduced costs.

Our premium templates give you an efficient way to start your dream product, by optimising the launch process. All you need to do is to find a template that fits your product needs, and we take care of the rest. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time. Why would you waste time and money with developing a full fledged e-commerce solution, for instance, when that’s already done by us?


Faster Deployments

By using the templates you can reach the market in a short span.


Scalable & Customizable

Plug n Play components which are easy to customise.


Peace Of Mind

You can see and try-out an actual working app even before you sign up for customization.

AWS Accelerator

Powered by Amplify, Cognito and other solutions, our accelerator can help you configure app and server easily and efficiently. It take cares of authentications, storage, data and other common usecases including deployment. It keeps your app data synced with the cloud, manage your distributed data, and handle subscriptions and messaging. Access ready-to-use workflows for MFA, single sign-on, forgot password, etc.

E-commerce Accelerators

Ecommerce Accelerators helps you to launch retail or B2B ecommerce solutions, out of the box. We have all the tools you need to fast track your business growth. With offerings like NextJS Ecommerce and Shopify Headless, creative control of presentation is available in ecommerce space. Ultra modern ecommerce experience is now possible by combining the building blocks like Commerce Primitives and Commerce Capabilities.

Location & Proximity

Location services include live tracking of a mobile device based on gps, geofencing an area to identify whether user is in the region, location based triggers when user enters or exits a particular region, background location services making sure location is fetched even if app is in background mode.

Headless CMS

Seamless CMS integrations like Contentful, Prismic, Sanity etc. Unlike a traditional CMS, an API-based approach is much simpler and more secure. We can query using GraphQL or REST. You can easilty manage content for brands, websites, and mobiles in one central hub, as single source of truth. This helps in simplifying your workflow without sacrificing flexiblity and scalability.

Social Accelerators

Social accelerators include solutions like social media apps with feed and networking solutions, chat, live streaming, maps, video & audio services etc. All these services are created in a plug-n-play mode meaning you can pick and choose what solutions you need based on your requirements. Solutions are build on top of frameworks like agora, algolia, getstream, opentok, leaflet, google maps etc.

Mobile App Accelerators

We have build templates for every common usecases like e-commerce, social media, chat, streaming and many more. This works as a platform for usto build amazing apps on top of it. We are using latest technologies like swiftui, combine, jetpack compose for creating apps. We are also using Flutter for crossplatform development.