Prototyping & High Fidelity Design

We, at 42Square, have experiience in creating high fidelity prototypes & designs, formulating Design Systems, and responsive conversion to mobile and web platforms. We use Figma / Sketch for designing the high fidelity screens for the different platforms (Mobile, Web, Wearable) with varying screens for different screen resolutions and orientations.

Our Design Process

We help organizations on every stages of design process. From research and prototyping to user persona identification to user journeys mapping our initial phase of design process is followed by the delivery of high fidelity screens for website/mobile apps. We follow the guidelines set by the respective platforms, for example, we follow the Human Design guidelines and principles set by Apple for the designs on iOS platform. When the designs are reviewed and finalized, we complete the development of Design System guidelines for integration in different platforms.

Product Owner identifies the end goal or vision of the product, how it is different from the competition, who will use the product, and how the people will use the product. This will be revised as often needed as per the timespan of the product. This captures Product Vision.
A high level view of the product requirements along with a timeline is created. This is the Product Roadmap and it will show the tangible features to be produced during development. This will establish the requirements themes and will identify the requirement gaps.
Product Owner creates the Release Plan, a high level timetable for the working functionality to the customer. Many releases may be required to achieve the product vision. Highest priority features will be released first. At 42Square the release happens on each 2 weeks or 3 weeks interval.
With the help of Development and QA teams, iterations are planned. We call them Sprints. This will happen at the start of each sprint. Internal status updates and roadblock addressal happens in daily scrum meetings. There will be sprint review and Sprint Retrospective at the end of every sprint.

We are well versed in using and maintaining Agile Tools and Apps. As recently, we have worked with Agile Process Management Tools including TargetProcess, ClickUp, and Jira. We quickly figure out and adapt to most of the Agile Softwares cuurrently in the market so you can bring your own preferred tools with confidence.

Modern Web UI & UX Experience

We follow component driven design and development process. Design System (created as per the process outlined above) provides the pixel perfect guidelines and specifications for the components, layouts and application structure.